- Wedding hair-do - part 2

The modern bride can easily achieve her desired hair-do, provided she goes to a good hairstylist. Every stylist of formal evening or wedding hairstyles knows the latest fashion trends and can give good advice and make suggestions. We should not forget that the choice of wedding hairdo is very much defined by the design of the already chosen wedding dress. For example, if the dress is simple and stylish you can easily opt for a more elaborate hair-do with the appropriate accessories. And vice versa – if the dress is rich in skirt with lace, ribbons and furbelows it is appropriate to choose a less elaborate hairstyle complemented by a simple veil, for example.

bride hairstyles

As we have said in the first part of the article - the wedding hairstyle should reflect the bride's individuality and style.

We advise future brides to have in mind something very important – you have to feel comfortable with your hair-do. A whole day and a whole night of dancing and having fun are ahead of you and it will not be much of a pleasure to have to think about your hair all the time. Also keep in mind that most wedding hairstyles make you look taller. This is good for the ladies who are not so tall but for those above average height it may be a problem.

wedding hair tied up

Another thing that is important when choosing a wedding hairstyle is the type of hair. What’s yours? Is it thick or thin, straight or curly, “obedient” or hard to control, long or short? Do not forget this when you are looking at photos of different hairstyles. Also take in consideration the shape and the particularities of your face. That is very important. It is recommended that you have confidence in the stylist who will be making your wedding hairstyle. As a specialist he can provide good advice, taking in mind such particularities.

wedding hair with flowers

It is best if you have long hair which you can arrange in many ways. With short hair it is a bit more difficult but definitely not a problem. At the moment there are different methods of lengthening the hair. But this is something you have to consider depending on the wedding budget.


Last but not least comes the experimental hair-do. This is the time to specify all details with your stylist – from the choice of hairstyle to that of accessories and make up. This is the time to dye or cut your hair if necessary. It is recommended that you do that about two weeks before the wedding itself. And when the wedding comes you should relax, put yourself in the hands of the specialist and enjoy every minute of being a bride.