Ani Kosharska

Коафьор Анелия Кошарска         Just imagine that whenever you need to attend an important event like a wedding, somebody’s birthday, a party or a club there would be someone at your disposal to take care of your hair and make-up, without you having to make an appointment in advance or lose time finding a hairdresser’s. Stylist Anelia Kosharska knows how important this is to you and shall visit you directly in your house to give you an irresistible look. Thus you save time and can easily combine outfit and hairstyle, without the risk of getting your hair spoiled by rain or wind by the time you get back home from the hairdresser’s. Now not only brides can enjoy such home beauty service – you deserve it, too!

photographer Dimiter Vladimirov
photo studio
       Anelia Kosharska is a talented stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist. She has worked for a number of TV productions like “Twists of fate” on Channel 1 and “Elite”. For “Elite” Anelia works together with “Luxor” fashion-studio. Her CV features cover page photo-sessions for magazines like “Bride”, “Perfecta”, “Bella”, calendars, adds, etc. Articles about her work have been published in “Bride”, “Coiffure” and “Me” magazines. She has also participated in authors’ fashion-shows and numerous photo-sessions for “Luxor” in 2001. In September one of her hair-styles was awarded first place at the Coiffure and Make-up Festival (at that time she works for “Ljuan Style”). She is currently a freelancer. Her portfolio features many bridal and official hair-styles and make-up sessions, born out of her long-term experience and indisputable talent.

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