Ani Kosharska - hair and makeupWomen dream of their wedding day since early childhood. Everything has to be amazing, glamorous and wonderful the dress, the hair-style, the flowers down to the smallest detail.    
    Anelia Kosharska is a professional hairstailist and makup artist and has nine years of experience working for some of the biggest hair-dresser's and salons in Sofia, doing hair and make up for numerous photo sessions in magazines, participating in shows and competitions, etc. Ani specializes in bridal and official hair styling. Hundreds of brides have put their trust in her and we can surely claim that each one of them has been approached in an individual and caring way.
      Undoubtedly, a makeover hairstyle and make-up are mandatory for every future bride, helping reduce additional stress and unpleasant surprises on the wedding day itself. Every bride-to-be is advised to arrange this at least two weeks or latest one week before the big day. By that time everything else is presumably already in place the dress is bought and the wedding style clarified. These are precisely the things that should be taken into account when deciding upon a hair-style. The latter very much depends on the type of wedding in the day or in the evening and whether it is planned as romantic, plain, elegant, extravagant, etc. Every good stylist also takes into account things like the overall looks of the person, the age, oval of the face, hair type and length, etc. In turn, for the make-up one should consider features like skin tan, shape of the eyes and mouth and above all what the client wants. Ideas and advice should be offered in a professional manner but are never to be imposed.
      On the very day of the makeover, after exploring at least several options it is finally to be decided on the desired type of hair style and if after all it is possible to be achieved. If needed, the hair is cut, colored or tress-colored. Accessories like flowers, veil, hair-pins, tiara, etc. are then also chosen. After deciding on a concrete hair-style it is time to choose the make-up. It is important that on the big day the actual hair-style and make-up look exactly like the ones already tested. The hairdresser should display skill and individual approach to give a unique look to every client.
      Every bride wishes to show originality and at the same time enjoy a modern look. Currently topical bridal hair-styles feature both elegant, tied up hair and loose hair, with some tresses hanging down, arranged with the help of a hair-press or curling-iron and decorated with beautiful elements. Concerning colours, this winter tendencies are for copper, golden and natural tones in haircolors and highlights. Markedly layered medium hairstyles, all types of hair layering and thinning, extravagant and impressive shapes and lengths are all used. However, the best choice is the one that makes you feel most comfortable with. After all this is your most important day!
    It is advisable to take into account the following details when deciding upon a bridal hairstyle. First, ask about the price in advance, both of the makeover which usually comes at a lower rate and the actual one on the day of the wedding. It also matters whether it will be you going to the salon or the hairdresser coming over to your house. Last but not least, ask about the duration of the whole beautifying procedure. Usually it takes about the same time as for the makeover but just in case consider an extra half hour.

    Finally, the most important thing enjoy this wonderful day to the maximum you are the Bride!

Ani shall be happy to receive your questions and inquiries.